Local spotlight

Spotlighting a few of my favorite people, places and things in the metro Detroit area.  If you are a local designer/entrepreneur and would like to showcase your work please email me at madamebeaucoup73@gmail.com


Fit 2B Tied Collection by June Sutton

The brainchild of local designer June Sutton
Created from the desire of the designer’s daughter to have a skirt unique skirt made that was creative and different.  It has evolved created its own lane, offering a variety of fashions that make a statement on their own.   Finding a new purpose for the men's staple accessory.
Fit 2b tied began in 2002 with a skirt and the designs have become more fascinating over the years created entirely from or centered around men’s neck ties.  Take a look at a few of her creations here.


Orders may be placed for Fit 2B Tied designs via Facebook @




October Spotlight 

Mandigo Rockstar is the brainchild of native Detroiter Yaya Maroon.  Specializing in unique handmade leather accessories.  There is something here for everyone! Men, women, children, rockstars, urban and suburban fashionistas.  They have recently created a belt bag that has proven to be THEE perfect accessory for the hip hairstylist, massage therapist, or barber.  A stylish replacement for the pocket apron called the Lazy Bag, worn as an updated Fanny Pack.  Seen here....

I have several Mandingo Rockstar cuffs and earrings, sold in local boutiques in the metro Detroit area...Seen HERE!



Please visit like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/mandingo-rockstar-by-yaya-maroon/110962628954959?fref=ts 

Place ready-to-wear or custom orders at http://www.mandingorockstar.com/default.html

TRUST ME you will not be disappointed!


September Spotlight

Playful by J. Lloyd

Playful is a brand that focuses on having fun with fashion, but always keeping it chic.
The store doesn't carry it yet and no one else will have one like yours.
Consider this your very own personal handcrafted heirloom.

History of Designer- Jenell Lloyd

A native Detroiter who has been sewing off and on for several years and recently recommitted herself back to the craft in February 2011. She prides herself on creating fun but chic handbags.
I purchased my first Playful handbag 2 years ago on a tip from my sister who went to college with Jenell.  This is how the conversation went regarding what I envisioned. 
Jenell:  So what did you have in mind? 
Me: I want something white with a butterfly and pink feathers....Don't ask me how all that goes together.  She said I got it, I'll have something for you in 2 weeks.  This beautiful creation is what she came up with and the result was a one of kind clutch with a sweet little thank you note tucked inside.

I recently saw this picture of one of her latest creations posted on the Playful Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Playful-by-JLloyd/140089169435540   and I inquired about it.  She told me she would check to see if the fabric was still available.  Guess what, she sent me a message and told me she had the fabric and she is working on it as we speak. This WOMAN WORKS!

 "Play with fashion and get you one!" J. Lloyd

Playful handbags and accessories range from $15-$80.  The designer Jenell Lloyd may be contacted at 248-325-8559, via email jlloydhandbags@yahoo.com or via Facebook Playful by J.Lloyd for orders.



The brainchild of native Detroiter Jasmin De Forrest whose mission is to "To build a better tee and have fun while doing it." Launched in August 2007, the concept of Word Play is based on playing with the duality of words and their definitions. They are designed to inspire and to serve as fabrics of confidence.

I recently attended a relaunch party of Word Play tees and purchased a super cute tshirt that reads "99 problems but a tan ain't One" Hitt Me!! Wanna see it here it go......

The next photo is a tshirt from the original launch in 2007

These and other supa dupa fly tshirts with a message can be found at www.shopwordplay.com also on Facebook and Twitter.

Eloquii by The Limited 


Introducing The Limited newly created line, developed using real customers of different sizes and shapes for curvy women sizes 14-24.  I have seen the pieces in person while shopping at Downtown Detroit Days Somerset pop-up and it is everything I would want in a Plus size line. Currently it is only sold at the Limited Somerset location or online, with plans to expand to a stand-alone store (it would be like Lane Bryant marrying BCBG)  Every piece is beautiful!!! Everything is designed with quality material, very stylish, and tailored to fit every curve at a very affordable price. Here are some of my favorite pieces.....



  1. I have the cool color blocked dress and it is great with both cardigan and blazer for work:-) & The last colorblocked skirt is now on sale for the beautiful price of 12.99!:-) peace..

  2. Love the second Word Play tee! And pairing it with a double P combo (pencil skirt & peep toes) really turns it up.