Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Wrap UP


Enter to win your very own Fit 2B Tied custom piece by answering the following question.....

Who or what made me fall in love with my favorite mens accessory and what is it?

Rules of contest:
The answer can be found in one of my previous blog entries
Send answer to
Previous winners are ineligible.
The first email I receive with the correct answer will win the PRIZE!

Good LUCK!

If you would like to purchase a Fit 2B Tied design, they will be hosting their very first trunk show at The Black Dress Sat. Dec. 15, 2012 from 1-3 pm located at 113 E. Canfield Detroit MI. from 1-3 pm.
Light refreshments and libations will be served. Strolling event.

MEN...This is dedicated to YOU!

The difference between style and fashion is quality.

-Giorgio Armani


A How-To video on Proper Scarfing

Blog Loving

A few looks from The Style Guy'D my new online men's fashion obsession! Gentleman there are so many great style ideas on this blog, he has impeccable taste! Just take a look at the following......


Now Trending

Hot Eye wear 


These and other wooden frames are reasonably priced at $45 a pair and can be found at Silvano Apparel

Every stylish man I know has to have a great watch...Silvano Apparel also has an extensive selection of wood watches that are very inexpensive at $85 each.  Check out these beautiful timepieces.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Men CAN give good FACE!


Madame Beaucoup is proud to announce its 1st addition to the team.......our very own Health & Beauty Expert and Atlanta correspondent!

Madame Kerstina Madden  

Ms. Kerstina Madden is a native Detroiter who is no stranger to the process by which a diamond is pressed into its shining glory. She graduated from Detroit's Northern High School and went on to become a licensed cosmetologist at the age of 21.

She is currently an Atlanta, GA transplant and the consummate designer hair stylist.  Her professional goal is to help bring every woman's crown of glory to its most healthy and effervescent state. 

Ms. Madden is wholeheartedly dedicated to ministering wholeness to every client that she services, by applying wisdom to knowledge. She will bring you all things health and beauty as well as what is trending in the Dirty South. Please visit her @!

As promised we have dedicated the month of November to men.  The following is a list that Kerstina has compiled of manly skincare products that would make a great gift or possibly begin a new skin care regimen. 

And she writes.........

We've all seen him: Shoes polished to a spit shine, suit falling effortlessly over his masculine frame, his natural pheromones lingering in the air well after he's left the room. We love, the well groomed man. What's his formula? Take a look at Madame Beaucoup's holiday product suggestions for the polished look that women will appreciate and gifts that men would enjoy receiving.

The Kiehls - Facial Fuel skincare line can easily become a staple in your man's daily grooming routine. The products are kind to his skin while providing immediate results and any good woman knows that the bottom line is a mans main objective.

The No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm gives his lips the moisture that he needs, especially during the winter season, without leaving them shiny. Perfect for everyday and small enough to fit in the arm rest of his car or in his breast pocket.

The trifecta of this line would be the Energizing Face Wash, followed by the Tonic and closing out with the Moisturizer. Following this regimen will not only improve the quality of his skin but surprisingly keep away blackheads and razor bumps.

For more intense razor bump treatment, we recommend the Energizing Scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote healthy cell turnover at least once a week.  Men with clean shaves will find the Close-Shavers Formula 31-O, a formidable addition to their medicine cabinet.  It is a water soluble oil that softens the facial hair allowing for a closer shave and rinses clean.

In the Ultimate Man Refuel Set you'll find a few of these products and more, this is the perfect starter kit to gift him with. It's practical, inexpensive and something that he can add to his repertoire and be proud of.
All these items can be found at

Check out this Huffington Post interview with iconic rapper, budding designer and Gillette Fusion Master of Style spokesman Andre 3000 for his thoughts on grooming and personal style.

Has facial hair always been important part of your personal style?
It's been a part of me, but I wouldn't say important. I think every man wants facial hair because it says something. It says "I'm older" and "I'm mature." And I didn't get facial hair until I was 25 or 26. So once it grew in I left and never cut it. Actually when I did my last film I had to cut if off, but that was the first time ever.

Do you get experimental with the style and shape of your facial hair?
I can't. I don't grow hair on certain areas of my face. I don't experiment too much--I just keep what I know. But with this product (Gillette's Fusion ProGlide Styler) you can shave and trim. There's a lot of options. Basically you would have to go to a barber to get all of that done, which costs about $25 a visit.

Have you found that women are loving your facial hair?
Yes they do! It depends on the women--some like the clean cut kind of thing. But those aren't the kind of ladies I get.

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing Without a woman or a girl"

James Brown

My Dad circa 1972


I can't write a blog dedicated to men without acknowledging the quintessential man that shaped what I look for in a man (strong and silent), what I love about men (cool confident stride) and a leader of their families and community.  The man that blessed me with his sharp and intelligent sense of humor and made me believe that I was smart and beautiful when a lot of times I felt average.  James Brown is one of his favorite singers so it was only fitting to begin this with a line from one of his most popular songs. 

 My new favorite thing......

"The Bow Tie".......I've always loved them.  When I was a little girl my Uncle was the only man I knew who wore them. I remember him getting strange looks and questions about his choice in neckwear.  He was always "high brow" so I just assumed they went along with his persona, and since I've always favored "high brow", I loved his bow ties.....

Uncle Larry

Bow ties have become quite popular among my fashion forward male peers.  I wore my first one at an event last month but it wasn't the real deal, and you know I can't have that. 
The opportunity for me to learn how to properly tie my very own Windsor knot came when I attended the Bespoke Tie Event with Neil Borin of Carrot & Gibbs at the newly opened Emerald Gift Shop in Detroit, MI.  I of course had to capture this magnificent knot that Mr. Borin created in an impromptu photo shoot with Kevin Nedd, photographer extraordinaire!



If you need a quick lesson, check out one of my favorite men in a bow tie, Mr. Dhani Jones



Tom Ford_AW 2011

yigal Azrouel_2011


Upcoming EVENT


I will be attending the 2012 William Malcolm Style and Substance Scholarship contest High School Edition.  Fashion designer and Humanitarian William Malcolm believes that in order for young men to become successful men that contribute to our society, they must be shown how to do so.  The goal of this annual competition is to highlight and encourage young men from Michigan (High School Seniors) to pursue excellence through educational endeavors, become an active participant in the betterment of their state through volunteerism and community involvement as well as increased responsibility toward their family.

One winner will be selected out of 20 semi-finalists at the Selection Gala on November 16th.

Local Spotlight

Speaking of ties.....check out the Local Spotlight page on the blog, there is a hot new line of custom women's wear created by June Sutton of Fit 2 B Tied, using neckties as the material.  Her line of skirts, vests, and jackets are featured in this month's Local Spotlight.  Here are a few images from the line. Fit 2 B tied collection


Ideas for the forward thinking Man with Beaucoup Fashion

Cam Newton's bow tie with a pop of color

DeMarcco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys



Ryan Lochte looking like the next James Bond

Lance Gross in a classic tuxedo shirt in denim

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo's Christian Louboutin sneakers up close

Columbus Short

Idris Elba for Esquire Magazine


Denzel's recent photo shoot with GQ
Bradley Cooper wearing the "untied" bow tie
Michael K. Williams in suspenders at Art for Life
My favorite Annie Leibovitz photograph of Jamie Foxx
Young Jizzle looking uncharacteristically debonair in the classic 3 piece suit
The fitted vest...always a winner
Arian Foster, NFL player and gentleman in Blazer with piping accent
Dhani Jones, NFL player and self-proclaimed bow-tie trailblazer

Madame Beaucoup @ Your Service!

The holidays are approaching and you need something to wear but you don't have time to look.  You have nothing in your closet.  Look no further....I will find affordable, functional, stylish pieces for you to choose from!  Personal shopping services also make for a great gift for someone special as well.  Please keep me in mind when you are looking to fill either need.  Contact me @ 313-300-6307 or email
As Always Thank you for reading and Happy Shopping!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Turning my HOBBY into a CAREER

The Big Event held on October 12th, is a Big Brother Big Sister of Southeast Michigan annual charitable fundraiser held at The Reserve in Birmingham.  I was the guest of its CEO and President Madame Dara Munson, whom I had the pleasure of styling for this event.  Myself, along with several hundred of metro Detroit's philanthropic society and media celebs had a fantastic time partying to the sounds of the band Hot Sauce and enjoyed a delicious New Orleans themed menu. 

Keeping with the "Big Easy Style" theme I wanted Ms. Munson's look to be appropriately festive.  This was a BIG deal for me as she was my first official client, this was a BIG event for her so she had to look amazing, and I had only 2 weeks to put it all together. 

The dress is of course an essential item of any ensemble but for me the accessories are what takes something from being an outfit to A LOOK!  When I saw the earrings I selected for her at              The Black Dress I fell in love, so everything else (Jewelry, bag, shoes, belt) had to fall in line.

This is what I came up with

Dara and MB!
Photo from Hour Detroit magazine
I look forward to more styling opportunities in the future. If you have a BIG event coming up or you just need help updating your wardrobe, look no further! Please contact me at 313-300-6307 or email
P.S.  Check out my newest before/after client and the Local Spotlight for custom leather accessories!
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Love Supreme

A Real Life Sex in the City Story........

Only this story happens in Washington, D.C. where the ratio of available men to women is 1 to 1,000.  My sister Nafeesah (Charlotte) the consummate lady in every way, who never leaves home without a fascinator, perfect poise and Virgo perfection.  In this story she is an art teacher who is as passionate about her gift as she is about her students, however there was something missing.  She longed to be a Mrs. and the chance to put some of her stern instruction that she reserved for summers with her niece and nephew to use on her own children.

So as fate would have it, Nafeesah found herself at yet another happy hour in a crowded D.C. hot spot with her regular crew of fellow teachers and administrators.  Rubbing elbows with all the "movers and fakers", where the odds of finding a Prince Charming are slim to none.  This evening the odds were in her favor.

Nicholas was there celebrating one of his fraternity brothers birthday in the VIP section doing what self-proclaimed bachelors do.....chillin.  He certainly had a type and Nafeesah did not look the part, however when she crossed his path he was taken.  Intrigued by her striking beauty, confident stride, bald head held high, and signature smile that he later found out came from her mother.  He had to say something, but all he could do was stare for what seemed like an eternity.  When he finally offered his hand and she rescued him with a smile and a warm hello they found out they had more in common than the same initials.  They were both teachers from the Midwest, belonged to Greek organizations, loved their dogs, and fancy pizza.

Nick met her family for the first time about 6 months after he met Nafeesah. After a few heated games of finger wrestling her nephew proclaimed "I want you to be my uncle!"  We all looked away and tried to talk over the innocent little 7 year old, changing the subject, while giving him the "it's too soon for this" eye.

The rest is urban fairytale history and the following are the pictures that accompany this story. Enjoy!

Introducing Team N.S.!

Lady in Waiting

A Streetcar Named Desire
"Watching our steps"
The Gentle Man
Concept: Nafeesah
Photography: Tya Anthony
Styling: Yours truly Madame Beaucoup
Location: Baltimore Trolley Museum
In typical Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I of course am uber excited about helping plan this wedding and serving as Maid of Honor.  My daughter is even more excited as this is her first opportunity to lend her support as junior wedding planner.  In an effort to foster her entrepreneurial spirit and encourage her future wedding planning endeavors I took her to a Bridal show recently.  In the midst of getting ideas and in between the "oooh that's cute" we were able to squeeze in a few photo booth shoots and the following is what we came up with!
In between goofy photo booth ops we met one half of the Bombshell Bridal Boutique team.  This boutique located in St. Clair Shores, MI specializes in dresses for curvy girls.  When the owner was disappointed in the selections available when shopping for her own wedding gown, she did what any fashionista with a Business degree would do....she opened a boutique and filled the void!

Happy Shopping!
P.S.  Don't forget to check out the new Local spotlight company and the Before/After page! Thank you so much for reading!