Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Love Supreme

A Real Life Sex in the City Story........

Only this story happens in Washington, D.C. where the ratio of available men to women is 1 to 1,000.  My sister Nafeesah (Charlotte) the consummate lady in every way, who never leaves home without a fascinator, perfect poise and Virgo perfection.  In this story she is an art teacher who is as passionate about her gift as she is about her students, however there was something missing.  She longed to be a Mrs. and the chance to put some of her stern instruction that she reserved for summers with her niece and nephew to use on her own children.

So as fate would have it, Nafeesah found herself at yet another happy hour in a crowded D.C. hot spot with her regular crew of fellow teachers and administrators.  Rubbing elbows with all the "movers and fakers", where the odds of finding a Prince Charming are slim to none.  This evening the odds were in her favor.

Nicholas was there celebrating one of his fraternity brothers birthday in the VIP section doing what self-proclaimed bachelors do.....chillin.  He certainly had a type and Nafeesah did not look the part, however when she crossed his path he was taken.  Intrigued by her striking beauty, confident stride, bald head held high, and signature smile that he later found out came from her mother.  He had to say something, but all he could do was stare for what seemed like an eternity.  When he finally offered his hand and she rescued him with a smile and a warm hello they found out they had more in common than the same initials.  They were both teachers from the Midwest, belonged to Greek organizations, loved their dogs, and fancy pizza.

Nick met her family for the first time about 6 months after he met Nafeesah. After a few heated games of finger wrestling her nephew proclaimed "I want you to be my uncle!"  We all looked away and tried to talk over the innocent little 7 year old, changing the subject, while giving him the "it's too soon for this" eye.

The rest is urban fairytale history and the following are the pictures that accompany this story. Enjoy!

Introducing Team N.S.!

Lady in Waiting

A Streetcar Named Desire
"Watching our steps"
The Gentle Man
Concept: Nafeesah
Photography: Tya Anthony
Styling: Yours truly Madame Beaucoup
Location: Baltimore Trolley Museum
In typical Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I of course am uber excited about helping plan this wedding and serving as Maid of Honor.  My daughter is even more excited as this is her first opportunity to lend her support as junior wedding planner.  In an effort to foster her entrepreneurial spirit and encourage her future wedding planning endeavors I took her to a Bridal show recently.  In the midst of getting ideas and in between the "oooh that's cute" we were able to squeeze in a few photo booth shoots and the following is what we came up with!
In between goofy photo booth ops we met one half of the Bombshell Bridal Boutique team.  This boutique located in St. Clair Shores, MI specializes in dresses for curvy girls.  When the owner was disappointed in the selections available when shopping for her own wedding gown, she did what any fashionista with a Business degree would do....she opened a boutique and filled the void!

Happy Shopping!
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  1. What a wonderful love story!! You captured the essence of our encounter and displayed its beauty in the most warm and sincere way. Thank you dear sister. You ARE love.

  2. I think I've read this post at least 10 times and every time, I read it as if I'm reading about someone else's life...then I smile and realize I'm reading about mine. Thank you for capturing our story so effortlessly! I can't wait for the big day! I love you sissy!