Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing Without a woman or a girl"

James Brown

My Dad circa 1972


I can't write a blog dedicated to men without acknowledging the quintessential man that shaped what I look for in a man (strong and silent), what I love about men (cool confident stride) and a leader of their families and community.  The man that blessed me with his sharp and intelligent sense of humor and made me believe that I was smart and beautiful when a lot of times I felt average.  James Brown is one of his favorite singers so it was only fitting to begin this with a line from one of his most popular songs. 

 My new favorite thing......

"The Bow Tie".......I've always loved them.  When I was a little girl my Uncle was the only man I knew who wore them. I remember him getting strange looks and questions about his choice in neckwear.  He was always "high brow" so I just assumed they went along with his persona, and since I've always favored "high brow", I loved his bow ties.....

Uncle Larry

Bow ties have become quite popular among my fashion forward male peers.  I wore my first one at an event last month but it wasn't the real deal, and you know I can't have that. 
The opportunity for me to learn how to properly tie my very own Windsor knot came when I attended the Bespoke Tie Event with Neil Borin of Carrot & Gibbs at the newly opened Emerald Gift Shop in Detroit, MI.  I of course had to capture this magnificent knot that Mr. Borin created in an impromptu photo shoot with Kevin Nedd, photographer extraordinaire! www.kevinneddphotography.com



If you need a quick lesson, check out one of my favorite men in a bow tie, Mr. Dhani Jones



Tom Ford_AW 2011

yigal Azrouel_2011


Upcoming EVENT


I will be attending the 2012 William Malcolm Style and Substance Scholarship contest High School Edition.  Fashion designer and Humanitarian William Malcolm believes that in order for young men to become successful men that contribute to our society, they must be shown how to do so.  The goal of this annual competition is to highlight and encourage young men from Michigan (High School Seniors) to pursue excellence through educational endeavors, become an active participant in the betterment of their state through volunteerism and community involvement as well as increased responsibility toward their family.

One winner will be selected out of 20 semi-finalists at the Selection Gala on November 16th.

Local Spotlight

Speaking of ties.....check out the Local Spotlight page on the blog, there is a hot new line of custom women's wear created by June Sutton of Fit 2 B Tied, using neckties as the material.  Her line of skirts, vests, and jackets are featured in this month's Local Spotlight.  Here are a few images from the line. Fit 2 B tied collection


Ideas for the forward thinking Man with Beaucoup Fashion

Cam Newton's bow tie with a pop of color

DeMarcco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys



Ryan Lochte looking like the next James Bond

Lance Gross in a classic tuxedo shirt in denim

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo's Christian Louboutin sneakers up close

Columbus Short

Idris Elba for Esquire Magazine


Denzel's recent photo shoot with GQ
Bradley Cooper wearing the "untied" bow tie
Michael K. Williams in suspenders at Art for Life
My favorite Annie Leibovitz photograph of Jamie Foxx
Young Jizzle looking uncharacteristically debonair in the classic 3 piece suit
The fitted vest...always a winner
Arian Foster, NFL player and gentleman in Blazer with piping accent
Dhani Jones, NFL player and self-proclaimed bow-tie trailblazer

Madame Beaucoup @ Your Service!

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As Always Thank you for reading and Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank you for the linkage to fit 2 be tied. I attended a hair show where she showed her designs and I was very intrigued. I couldn't find her company online anywhere, though! Thanks!

    Loved this post!

  2. hey Inez! thank you so much for reading and showing love! Thats what its all about right, connections and building relationships.

  3. Awe look at Daddy and Uncle Larry! I remember thinking Daddy was blind in that photo. 2 thumbs up for the great men fashion looks!

  4. Another wonderful blog madame!! I love the shouts out to your dad and uncle! Bow ties rock, and I must agree with Na on the men's fashions! I truly enjoyed!

  5. love this post! jason derulo's trainers are dope and bradley cooper looks gorgeous!!!!

    Please check out my blog and follow if you like it. x
    ohsewfashion.com // @ohsewfashion

  6. Very nice MB! I have a colleague whose been doing the bow tie thing for about a decade or so now... He's always razor sharp, and really made me appreciate them more. BTW the tutorial was a nice touch.