Friday, August 17, 2012

Fash Bash

I usually turn most opportunities to get dolled up into a "prom preparation" exercise.  I was too thrilled to be invited to Fash Bash by my sister in fashion Michelle Pratt of Fashion Group International.  Fash Bash is an annual event that celebrates art and fashion in Detroit to raise money to support the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts).

This time I didn't have to lay my options out on my bed days before the event while walking around them to make a choice.  You know, like on the night before the first day of school when you were anxious to wear one of your new fly outfits, with that voice in your head saying "You are gonna kill em with this tomorrow!". I know I wasn't the only one.....

This time I had the perfect dress...last years birthday gift from my mom.  When I opened the perfectly wrapped box she said, I know you don't need it but I am sure you will put it to good use one day.  Sequins and money are the very best gifts in the world! ;-)

I decided to get my makeup professionally done as well.  You can't wear sequins without sultry eyes and you can't have a sultry eye without butterfly wing lashes.  However, next time I am going to need a trainer pair of lashes before I go all the way Dolly Parton lash.  I'm glad I listened to the professional Alia Moss, makeup artist extraordinaire.  The lashes made my look go from cute to SWEXY faster than the lash glue dried. Check out the closeup pictures of her work on the Before/After page.


Dress: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Nine West

Some of my favorite images from FASH BASH courtesy of Hour Magazine


-Pictures from FASH BASH!
-At the suggestion of several Facebook friends I've added a new section dedicated to fashion discounts and deals.  How to make a $100 look like a $ my mother always says "Champagne taste on a Kool Aid budget".


  1. Fabulous! Loved the look! The dress is classic with sex appeal and back of the dress is divine. The shoes really work and balance the sequins. The makeup and up do sealed the deal!

    1. Thank you Sage! The shoes were definitely an issue for me, as I was looking for a more subdued look without going too sexy secretary. And the makeup! I gotta do that more often! I loved it!