Monday, August 27, 2012

Feeling kinda Green!

"The school of excellence and the forgotten color."

My Philadelphia correspondent and High Brow contributor "Can We Get Married at the Mall" sent me a slew of great additions to the blog which included this fancy little number by Milly in the often forgotten about and underrated color of green.

Each piece is over $250 so I would put this in the high brow category. I love this look completely but as I always say I must stay in my own financial lane and let this be the inspiration for what I wore to work today.  I also wore Green and white in celebration of the first win of the football season for my alma mater Cass Technical High School, beating Birmingham's Brother Rice 25-18.

I was saving this for some special event that would include maybe finger sandwiches and tea at a yacht club or something, but since summer is coming to a close and I haven't been invited to high tea yet I thought "Hey What am I saving this for!" So I just had a Perrier sparkling water in the cafe with my pinky finger extended.

I'm really into bows right now

Madame's lesson for today. 

Its all in the details

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack about $50
Dress: TJ Maxx  $30
Shoes: Nine West
Lapel Pin: Gap (a very long time ago)

Look of The Week

If you are a little daring and can pull this off (see my 5 commandments if you are on the fence) this is the look for you!

Pair this Asos bathing suit ($93.67) with the Maxi skirt below

Stay tuned:

-For contest details to win your very own Word Play Tshirt featured in the local spotlight section.

-End of summer closeout deals....EVERYTHING must go to make room for all the Fall Frocks.

-You may notice this Curvy Girl symbol next to items on the Savvy Chic page...this indicates that it is only available in sizes 14 and above.

Thank you for reading!



  1. You look so pretty, I love that dress! So nice on you!

    iWant that pink pleated skirt!! OH MY! Amaze! :))

    1. My very first comment from a fellow Blogger!! Thank you Inez! This is the little side gig ever!

  2. You look amazing Madame Beaucoup! I love that dress and the jacket compliments it so well! Girl, you never cease to amaze me!

    1. You may be a little biased but I'll take it ;-). My sincerest and heartfelt thank you!

  3. Thanks for featuring green MB... Unless its prep school, country club, or high tea it is often forgotten in fashion. Even by industry it seems... With bold hues there is a fine line between amazing style and "what were you thinking". Green requires balance: the solid skirt with black tights / shoe boots in the Milly look; and the solid green jacket with striped white / green dress on MB. Too much and you will definitely look like you take naps on a lilly pad. Go ahead and bring some fun and new dimension to your wardrobe.

    MB your look is FLAWLESS and gives the perfect perspective on green. Indeed very Perrier with pinky finger extension worthy! And representing the Technicians... LOL, I'm such a bad alum!

    1. As always, perfect and impeccable commentary from CWGM. Thank you for the inspiration! keep em coming! You've got the High Brow covered!