Friday, August 3, 2012

Where it All Began

Me and my mommy circa 1977 (going somewhere important hence the petticoat)

Me and mommy circa 2010 (At the Common concert)

I remember growing up I never wanted to play house, boardgames, jax, rubics cube, hairstylist to the dolls, however I did have an affinity for Lincoln Logs for some reason...I digress. I do remember playing with dolls only for the cute clothes that I would try to make if I couldn't find anything suitable.  I would take my dolls shopping in my imaginary store where my brother and sister would play store owner and I would play affluent customer.
I also remember watching my mother....not like a stalker all obvious, laying in the cut waiting to bite her style but taking mental note of what she was wearing.  I thought to myself someday I will be old enough to wear 3in. shoulder pads and 4in. clogs.  She would get dressed to go out with my father or her girlfriends and spray on her White Shoulders perfume, and I would stick my finger in my bottle of Jean Nate and dab some on my neck.  She dressed modestly, never showing excessive skin but was always feminine with just enough sex appeal to leave a man going I grew up with my own set of rules.
1. No skirts above the knee (makes me uncomfortable)
2. If the top is low cut the bottom needs to be long
3. Heavily adorned clothing=simple jewelry
4. Never match the handbag and shoes and outfit all at the same time
5. Its okay to share where I purchased something with a fellow fashionista because she won't rock it like me.
There is enough room in this world for all of us to live fashionably ever after in perfect harmony!
So present day I am still looking to my style icon, my mom, for inspiration.  As evidenced by the hot little number below that I've commandeered and she will never see again...MUHAAHHAAAHHAAA....MUUUHHAAAHHAAAA!!!!


  1. Great blog. I remember when I met your mom she told me just because I had a full figure did not mean I had to dress frumpy. From that day on she took me in hand and to this day I am influenced by her.

    1. Thank you Christine!!! Fabulous at any size! thats the motto!