Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Your very own WordPlay tee!!! In celebration of 1 month of successful blogging and over 2,000 views! To thank you for reading, subscribing and sharing with your friends I am offering a chance to win a tshirt from the company featured on the Local Spotlight page (value up to $25). 

Wordplay offers tshirts for Ladies and Gentlemen. If luck is not on your side please go to and GET one anyway!

Contest Rules:

The first person to answer the following question and post the answer in the comment section of this blog entry will receive a WordPlay tee of their choice up to $25.

Who is my "fast" bff in my head? The answer can be found on one of the pages.

*Please note* In order to leave a comment you must have a gmail account or become a member of the blog.  The winner will be announced via FB and Twitter and I will contact you with information on how to claim your prize.