Friday, August 3, 2012

Urban Carrie Bradshaw

One of my favorite HBO Series was Sex in the City. I loved every character and assigned each one to a friend of mine.  In my head I was Carrie Bradshaw on a budget with two children, a less impressive shoe collection, who lives in the burbs.  I seem to attract Mr. Big know the ones...perfect packaging but emotionally unavailable. I have 3 supportive and equally fabulous best friends. I have a great job, in real life I crunch numbers and sling spreadsheets.  In my head I'm a stylist to the stars i.e. June Ambrose, so in my spare time I send pictures of cute clothes that I come across to friends and colleagues looking for something special to wear. I am a hopeless romantic, everything is butterflies and rainbows.  Would rather walk than drive. I love the big city. I have a personal connection to everything in my closet. I favor a dress over pants. Free-spirited, fun girl who loves a good cocktail.

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